Yumaya was created in Beirut in 2019. It is an online platform curating cool brands from around the world.

About our brands

❥ The French/Brazilian - bubble gum scented - Cacatoès sandals, are made from recyclable PVC and are available in an array of colors and designs. The sandals are non-slippery, water proof and heat resistant! See size guide at the bottom of this page, to find your size.

Bleecker & Love's story began in 2012 in Athens, when the founder, thought about designing for herself a waterproof bag with a handle... Since then, Bleecker & Love has grown into a full-range travel and home accessories brand including a wide selection of fashionable products, all of which bare the brands’ unique values: high-quality, affordability, versatility, uniqueness and fun.

❥ Born after a trip to Bali without beach towel, Pantaï Studio, the French and eco-friendly brand offers multi-purpose towels with bold designs, made from recycled plastic bottles and certified by the “Global Recycled Standard” label.
Sorbet Island's creations conjure up an aura of magical vacations inspired by the surrounding enchanted Aegean landscape. All items are carefully crafted in Greece by a passionate team of artisans using premium materials, and are designed based on the principles of inclusion, authenticity and positivity.

Arty Party, is a local brand working on an array of “arty” items for a jet-setter crowd.